May 27, 2018

Schools Closed

Schools Closed is currently under developement, we are inundated with requests for information due to the adverse weather, heavy snow fall and torrential rain despite not being open for business.

Please ask your school to register for our launch to ensure you are kept up to date in the future!

This web site will bring you all the latest information on school closures as they happen. Severe UK weather has caused havoc yet again and many schools are closing.

Until we launch this web site please listen to your local radio stations for further information. Please get your schools to register with us at in the future you will be able to receive emails and instant text messages if these or any other problems arise.

Schools Closed is a revolutionary new service for teachers, parents and students alike, The web site is currently under construction but will be ready for the official launch shortly. Until then schools are invited to register for the free service which helps eliminate the extra workload encountered due to unforeseen school closings. Parents will soon be able to register for instant information regarding your UK school closure.

This efficient user friendly service has proven a great hit with our market research feedback, the days of huddling around local radio waiting to hear the latest update are now long gone. Parents will receive an instant email and sms text message as soon as the decision to close a school is made. Ideal for busy parents who may need to organize baby sitters or arrange for cover at work. Adverse and extreme weather are the most common reasons for schools being closed in the UK.

This means that no matter what the reason may be, parents and fellow teachers can be instantly informed of a closure, be it before the school day has started or in the middle of a school day. Invaluable information when it’s needed most.

Schools can now register in advance of the official launch, this is advised to ensure the listing in plenty of time for the start. Make sure your school knows about the service and help us help you, mention the web site to the head teacher of your local school.

Any feedback about the services we will provide is much appreciated, if you would like to voice your opinions please email us: